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Are you people really interested in doing your personal tasks by someone else? Would you like to save your time and accomplish your tasks within seconds? Yep, this is possible. Amazed? Yes, it can be done.

Robotics is a technology, deals with the designs, construction and operation of robots in automation. Robots can do the tasks more reliably than humans. But here in these things natural capabilities are not included for example related to Biology or artificial intelligent which are only present in human beings. We can easily say that these technologies are the perfect substitute of humans and replicate human actions. Furthermore, robots are used for many purposes for example, in hard and difficult situations such as, bomb detection or deactivating them, it can likewise be helpful where humans cannot survive, for instance, Space. The other things robots can be of any shape but mostly they resemble Humans in appearance.

Can a man think that a thing can do any task like a human? Can anyone do any task within seconds? Yes, it was unbelievable till 20th Century but now it is possible. No one could ever think that robotics could grow as such speed, but now humans can think that in coming years robots would be able to mimic human beings and manage all the tasks in human-like fashion. The xtechnews’s latest tech news are getting you the best technology related news, so stay tuned!

As the technology advances continuously, robots are here for many purposes where human beings are unable to go or perform any action such as:

  • Defusing bombs
  • Finding survivors in an unstable situation
  • And, exploring mines etc.

Robots can do the tasks in human-like fashion but more reliably and rapidly, here are some examples that are able to clear that how these robots are helpful in accomplishing any human task:

  1. Fedor:

It is a new human-like robot with amazing capabilities: which can walk, lift weights, do pushups, uprate a drill shake hands, and even it can drive a car. As for as its other tasks are concerned, a video released by Russian government, Fedor can also shoot, it is helpful in wars, it can attack the opponents. It can easily be said that Fedor is more helpful in destructions peacefully assisting astronauts in Orbits.

  • Trexo:

It is incredible example of robots; this robot can help children with disabilities learn to walk. It is a device of North America in which the children who are disabled of brain and spinal cord injuries or other genetic disabilities can learn to walk. There are two robotic legs which can be virtually attached to any existing walker, this helps the children to experience independent walking with the help of these fully powered robotic legs which they are already wearing. It can help children to walk independently and confidently.

  • MetaLimbs:

Does this happen to you that you are unable to do some tasks only with two arms or hands?

Yes, it happens. Can you people imagine that you are typing a thesis while a third hand is bringing a cup of tea or coffee up to your lips? When you think that do not have enough arms or hands, then Japanese engineers come up with a solution, check out MetaLimbs from university of Tokyo are basically a set of arms. These robotic arms are only controlled with sensors attached to human knees and feet. You can attach the arms under human arms to accomplish the tasks which can only be done with more than two arms or hands. You can also replace hand at the end of the robotic arm with various other attachments which are needed.

Amazing right? Hard to believe but it is actually happening and we are providing you with all the latest tech news.

  • Octopusgripper:

Presented by German animation firm Festo, Octopusgripper. Using the tiny cups just like octopus tentacles, it can pick the things up, hold them and put them back at any work place. Unlike other inventions, this incredible device can easily hold objects and effortlessly grasp it. It is in natural shape which can easily hold things, furthermore it has a gentle grip for example it does not harm the object in anyway. It can be said that this innovation in Robotics has made the difficult tasks easier.

  • The Stan:

Are you tired of getting no space in the parking areas? When you are in hurry, but you are simply not able to get any space to park your car? No worries, let me let you know of a new kind of Robot, that you can simply park your car in almost no space. You would love the Stan robotic Car park by Stanley Robotics. It makes life easier for travelers. For that what you have to do is, you only have to reserve a car parking space with a concerned App for that, after that bring the car on that specific space. After some time, you will see that Stan Robot will come and scan your vehicle, it will adjust the exact size and fix it to a parking space.

When you are going back to your car just Login again and Stan will faithfully bring back your vehicle at the same spot. Stan is a faithful and beneficial for parking facility owners as it can manage up to 400 car parking at a time and it can park 30,000 cars per year.

Robotics are playing an important role in technology. It has made life a lot easier. Furthermore, robots are more reliable and punctual than human beings. There are also some other examples of robots for example, robots are able to cook food for humans, they can serve coffee, tea and Pizza also, there are some other examples of robots in which humans are able to get body massage with the help of robots, in addition to this, these robotic devices can release stress, pain and anxiety from human body.

End note

Robots can also hold things and put them back at their work place. There are also those kinds of robots where the survivors need to get water in order to stay alive, robots are helpful in that situation as well, and these robots are snake-like robots who can reach anywhere. Yes, robots are capable of doing anything which humans are not able to do. Technology is advancing day by day and is able to make human life easier.

Source: Joseph Reis – Owner of X Tech News –

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