NASA to print equipment on 3D printers

NASA spokespersons announced plans to abandon the current technology of earth-space sensors and communication modules production in favor of 3D printing. These units are currently manufactured in the conventional way: they are assembled from a variety of parts.

Since the units are small-sized (smaller than a smartphone), their manufacture is very time-consuming and expensive involving numerous breakdowns.

3D printing will, on the other hand, enable to optimise the process by producing the entire product as one piece. This transition should result in a shorter production time, a lower percentage of rejects and reduced power consumption.

Only high-tech materials, including carbon nanotubes and graphene will be used for printing.

The 3D printing adoption by such an organization as NASA marks a widespread introduction of technology in all spheres of life.


Alex Pride


Skilled IT Manager with over 20 years' experience in strategically developing IT infrastructure, information systems, innovations, and digitalization.