Silver Spring Networks introduces IoT developer program to Europe and Middle East

Silver Spring Networks has launched its IoT Developer Program in a large number of European nations and some selected countries in the Middle East.

Presenting at the Smart City Expo World Congress, Silver Spring Networks said that expansion of the Internet of Important Things to the new countries will help in speeding up innovation. The expansion for Internet of Important Things into EMEA includes the following: Developer Portal; Milli Shield Dev Kit for Arduino boards and IoT Edge Router, Dev Edition. While the Milli Shield Dev Kit for Arduino boards and IoT Edge Router, Dev Edition are already available to European customers, they will be available in the Middle East by early 2018.

According to Silver Spring, the Developer Program is open to both fresh and existing customers and developers who are formulating sensors, actuators, devices, and applications for use in sectors such as smart city and industrial IoT (IIoT).

Itai Dadon, Senior Director of IoT Product, Silver Spring Networks, said: “By offering developers a proven platform on which to create new solutions, they can focus their innovation on game changing applications to solve real-world challenges. We view these new regions as critical to the growth of the Internet of Important Things and are excited about the future of the program and the potential it holds for the broader smart cities and IoT ecosystem.”

In what was described by the company as ‘an intelligent strategic move’, Silver Spring Networks was acquired by energy and water resource management provider Itron for an amount of £615.6 million (approx. $830 million) in September. With the purchase, Itron anticipates nearly $50 million in cost synergies on yearly basis, which will be substantially accomplished within 36 months of completing the transaction by optimising combined operations and expenses.