3D Print-Knit

Humans are constantly in motion, and we believe that clothing should keep up. We design 3D Print-Knit garments that move with your body without holding you back or losing their shape. These garments are engineered with shape and articulation based on your joints and the strain that you put on your clothes throughout the day.



Engineered to last longer.

Traditional garments usually fail at their weakest points–the seams. 3D Print-Knit is completely seamless, with shape programmed in instead of cut and sewn. The result is a durable garment that’s built to outlast expectations.



Produced to reduce waste.

We’re dedicated to creating a better clothing cycle, starting by eliminating manufacturing waste and overproduction. Traditional cut-and-sew production typically leaves about 35% of fabric on the cutting room floor. The 3D Print-Knit process goes directly from yarn to garment, so aside from a few loose threads, we don’t create any scraps during production.

Meet The Founders

Manufacturing Innovation

A More Agile Supply Chain

With 3D Print-Knit, we’re inventing whole new way of thinking about manufacturing. The entire process takes place in store, and can be managed by our retail team. We’re making clothing to order instead of mass producing, so we’re cutting down on waste early in the clothing cycle. Keeping production close also opens the door for exciting innovations like rapid prototyping and personalized designs.


Designed to stretch, wick moisture, and breathe.

We’re all about performance, and the 3D Print-Knit blazer is, too. The durable, moisture-wicking fiber is knit with body-mapped ventilation and articulation for breathability and motion.


made to order

Built to your specifications, on demand.

Come into the Newbury Street store to start your custom order. You choose the body colors, cuffs, and buttons, and we print your 3D Print-Knit blazer from scratch.



Made in store, by our team.

With 3D Print-Knit, we’re working to reinvent clothing production. The entire process takes place in store, and we’re making clothing to order instead of mass producing. It’s a whole new way of thinking about manufacturing.

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